Jon Corbino (1905-1964)

Jon Corbino (1905-1964). Dancers, c.1936-40. Oil on canvas measures 8 x 10 inches. Signed lower right and on reverse.

Depicted are Bolero dancers in elaborate, traditional costumes, dancing and socializing. Fantastic color and motion suggest the work of Delacroix, an artist by whom Corbino was profoundly influenced. on.  The artist’s talent for communicating this idea did not go unnoticed in his time, and distinguished him as one of the most relevant American artists of the 1930’s. The piece seems to have been larger in an early version, cut down by the artist in the final version. The consequent result is a picture plane of four primary figures, the focus of which is a grande dame wearing bright vermillion red.



Excellent condition with virtually no damage and absolutely restoration. The only area to consider consists of two incredibly small areas of loss to the right the dancer’s raised high heel (depicted in detail photo). The piece has never been cleaned and is in all-original condition, painted, cut, stretched by Corbino in the late 1930’s. Signed lower right in red. Signed in ink with address and title in artist’s hand, reverse stretcher.
Provenance: Estate of John Stieglitz via estate of his father, Marcel H. Stieglitz.


Birth place: Vittoria, Italy

Death place: Sarasota, FL

Addresses: NYC/Rockport, MA

Profession: Painter, teacher

Studied: PAFA with D. Garber; ASL with G. Luks; F.V. DuMond; Ethical Culture Sch.

Exhibited: AIC, 1926-46 (prizes, 1937, 1944); CI, 1936-50; WMAA; PAFA, 1937-52 (prize, 1938); Corcoran Gal, 1937-53; Kleemann Gal. (solo); BMA, 1938 (prize); NAD, 1938 (prize), 1944 (prize), 1945 (prize); Lotos C., 1939 (prize); Calif. WC Soc., 1939; New Rochelle, N.Y., 1940 (med); NIAL, 1941 (prize); DaVinci All., 1942 (silver med.); CPLH, 1945, 1948; SC, 1945 (prize); Pepsi-Cola Comp., 1945 (prize); La Tausca Exh., 1946 (prize); Audubon A., 1945 (med); NAC, 1950 (prize); Salons of Am. Awards: Guggenheim F., 1936-37, 1937-38; PAFA, 1937-52; Niedringhaus prize, 1950.

Member: NA; Audubon Soc.; WCC; A. Fellowship, N.Y. Fellow, PAFA; Rockport AA

Work: MMA; Carnegie Inst.; WMAA; BM; TMA; PAFA; WMA; ASL; IBM; Ripon Col.; Soc. Liberal A., Omaha; Maryville (Mo.) State T. Col.; Walker A. Center; Montclair A. Mus.; Brooks Mem. A. Gal.; NAD; Butler AI; Muncie Univ.; Armherst Col.; Canajoharie A. Gal.; Brigham Young Univ.; Mt. Holyoke Col.; AGAA; Pittsburgh Univ. Tech.; San Diego Mus.; Pasadena AI; New Britain A. Mus.; TMA; Kalamazoo Inst. A.; Mun. Univ., Omaha; San Diego FA Soc.; Lotos Cl.; AIC; Nelson Gal. A.; Sweet Briar Col.; Ball State T. Col.; Norton Gal. A.; Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Comments: Illustrator: Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels,” 1945; “Marco Polo,” 1948. Teaching: NAD, 1945; ASL, 1938-.

Sources: WW59; WW47. More recently, see Hughes, Artists of California, 117; Artists of the Rockport Art Association, (1946).”