Joseph Floch (1895-1977)

Joseph Floch (1895-1977). The Island, 1966. Oil, crayon and pencil on paper, image measures 12.5 x 17.5 inches; 17.5 x 22.5 inches in original, period frame. Excellent condition with no damage, fading or restoration.

This piece is a preparatory work for The Island, c.1967-68, oil on canvas, 26 x 36 inches, collection of Smithsonian American Art Museum (depicted in last photo). The piece has not been opened and original backing is completely undisturbed. Signed by artist on cardboard backing with provenance.



Birth place: Vienna, Austria

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, writer

Studied: State Acad. Fine Arts, Vienna (M.A.).

Exhibited: Paris Salon, 1937 (medal); PAFA, 1944 (Lippincott prize), 1948-53, 1958-66; WMAA, 1945, 1947; Washington County MFA, 1945; TMA, 1942; CGA, 1945-57; AIC, 1943; CI, 1943-45; int. shows in Bordeaux, 1927, Paris, 1937; New York World’s Fair, 1939, 1966; M. H. De Young Mus., San Francisco, 1964 (retrospective); Assoc. Am. Artists; Belvedere Mus., Vienna, 1972 (retrospective); Forum Gal., NYC, 1970s. Other awards: Brevoort-Eickmeyer Prize, Columbia Univ., 1955; Chevalier, Fraternal Order of Arts & Letters, 1962.

Member: NAD (council member, 1961-70s); Salon Automne, Paris; Fed. Modern P&S

Work: MMA; WMAA ; MoMA Paris; Belvedere Mus., Vienna; Albertina Mus., Vienna. Commissions: murals for Colm of Brive, France, commissioned by French Government, 1940.

Comments: Preferred media: oils. Teaching: painting instructor, New School Social Res., 1964-67.

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