Judith Shahn (1929-2009)

Judith Shahn (1929-2009). Flying Kites, c.1960. Oil on canvas measures 14 x 25 inches; 15 x 26 inches in simple white wood strip frame. Judith’s draftsmanship is clearly informed by her father’s work; his influence is especially evident in the sensitive modeling of hands and feet. Signed lower right. Excellent condition but would definitely benefit from a cleaning. All-original condition.



Judith Shahn (1929-2009) was born in Paris to the artist Ben Shahn and his wife, Tillie Goldstein. She lived in New York City and spent summers in Truro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

As a small child Shahn painted alongside her father and as a young artist she took life classes with the painter Moses Soyer. She attended Olivet College, Michigan, and graduated from Mexico City College in 1949. She was a painter, draughtsman, printmaker, and graphic artist. Her drawings appeared in The New Yorker magazine from 1958 to1992, as well as in Harpers, The Nation, Gourmet, and others.

Starting with a show at the Gallerie Beatrice Viggiani, Rome, Italy, in 1964, there have been more than seventy one-woman shows of work by Shahn. The Provincetown Art Association and Museum held an extensive retrospective in 1996; their catalogue remains a significant monograph on the artist.