John Linton Chapman (1839-1905)

John Linton Chapman (1839-1905).  Oil on canvas measures 9 x 14 inches; 11 x 16 inches framed. Signed lower left. Incredible detail and meticulous draftsmanship in lettering. “A Girl Sleeps Three Weeks” is a famous news item about Minnie Dishner that ran in papers late 1885 and early 1886. This painting dates from the period after Chapman’s return from Italy in 1878, when he lived in Brooklyn and exhibited in NYC. At the time, he was struggling financially, painting pot-bolier Italian landscapes and upstate NY river scenes. Understated trompe l’oeil still life painting became fashionable in the New York City of the 1880’s, which explains this atypical example of Chapman’s work. He was the son of artist, John Gadsby Chapman, and brother of the famous Virginian artist, Conrad Wise Chapman.  Excellent condition with one very small area of repair to canvas, 1/4 inch wide in upper margin, red background area. No overpaint in any other area. 



Birth place: Washington, DC

Death place: Westchester, NY

Addresses: Rome, Italy (1848-78); NYC (1878-on)

Profession: Painter

Studied: his father, John Gadsby Chapman.

Exhibited: NAD, 1881-83; Boston AC, 1875, 1882; Brooklyn AA, 1875

Work: Brooklyn Mus. (The Appian Way”); Butler Inst of Amer. Art , Youngstown, Oh.; Hecksher Mus., Huntington, NY”

Comments: Best known for his luminous, detailed scenes of Roman ruins and landscapes. In 1848, he moved to Italy with his family as a child and and remained there until 1878 when he returned to NYC. (He was listed as living in Brooklyn, 1883-90.) Despite his skills, his exhibition record was brief and he died penniless. His brother was Conrad Wise Chapman (see entry). Illustrator: Diomed; the Life, Travels and Observations of a Dog, written by John Wise, 1897.