William Samuel Horton (1865-1936)

William Samuel Horton (1865-1936)Ritz Hotel in Fog at Twilight, c.1927. Pastel on paper mounted to board measures 18.5 x 24 inches; 27.5 x 33 inches framed. Excellent condition with no damage or restoration. Signed and dated lower right. Date is indistinct but it is know that Horton spent the late 1920’s in New York, leaving in 1930 and absent until his death. Frame has areas of minor denting and scratches in leaf. As the tonalities are incredibly subtle, we are including several notably different photos of the work. The quality of the work changes remarkably in various lighting situations and at different times of day. This view of the Ritz Hotel is recurrent on Horton’s oeuvre and we suspect it is the very view from his own residence. 





Birth place: Grand Rapids, MI

Death place: Paris

Addresses: NYC; Paris, France

Profession: Landscape painter, writer

Studied: AIC; ASL; NAD; Acad. Julian, Paris, with B. Constant, J.P. Laurens, 1893-96

Exhibited: NAD, 1888-96; Boston AC, 1890; PAFA, 1890-1912 (9 times); Paris Salon, 1895, 1897-99; Gal. George Petit, and Gal. Bernheim Jeune, Paris, 1898-WWI (many solos); AIC, 1897-1909; Int. Expo, Nantes, 1904 (gold); Orleans, 1905 (med.); Gal. Charpentier, Paris, 1939 (retrospective); Knoedler Gal., NYC, 1974 (solo); Robt. Rice Gal., Houston, 1979; Hammer Gal., NYC, 1981 (solo); Vose Gal., Boston, c.1980s (solo).

Member: NYWCC; SC; AFA; Société Moderne, Soc. Int., Salon d’ Automne, all in Paris.

Work: Bradford Mus., England; Luxembourg Mus.; Nat. Mus., Wash., DC; BM; Bootles Mus., Liverpool, England; Nat. Mus, Stockholm; MusÈe du Jeu de Paume, MusÈe Carnavalet, both in Paris

Comments: Horton was a wealthy man, and a friend of famous artists such as Monet, Degas, Derain, and other Impressionists. After his early Paris exhibitions he rarely allowed his works to be sold. He returned to NYC, c.1924-30, then traveled the world. When he died, his estate contained more than 1,000 oils, pastels, and watercolors.

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