Roger Muhl (1929-2008)


Roger Muhl (1929-2008). Village Ochre, c.1980. Oil on canvas measures 59 x 63 inches. Signed lower margin. The village depicted here is probably Roussillon in Southern France. Findlay Gallery label affixed en verso.



Roger Mühl , born 20 December 1929 in Strasbourg , died 4 April 2008 in Mougins, was a painter , draftsman and sculptor French.  He joined the National School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg where he graduated in 1948 to go to the territory of Belfort. He settled in 1954 in Montreux-Chateau and had his first exhibition in Paris at the Galerie de Paris in 1960. Then he went to Geneva, London, Milan, Dallas, Cologne, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Kyoto, Belfort and New York .

School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg, from 1946 to 1948.

Favourite medias
Oil painting, gouache, watercolour, lithography, fresco, stained glass and tapestry.

Favourite subjects
Mediterranean gardens, landscapes from Alsace, Provence and Brittany.
Still lives and seascapes.

French Decoration
Mérite Agricole 1965.

Distinction honour
Prestige of Arts in 1960.
European Prize of painting, Fondation Seidel Germany 1992.
Design and Art Society Ltd New York, Edith Wharton Award 1993.

Personal work and state commission
State commission within the scope of 1% allowed to the architecture division
Frescoes, Ittenheim School 1950 Gustave Stoskopf
School of Rennes 1952
Ostheim temple, its altar and on the front the Christ with the children 1956
Mittelwihr town hall, its lion, the cost of Arms of the town 1957
Frescoes for the town of Mulhouse 1957, 1969, 1971 Pierre Kessler, archistect of the town
Illustration for the collection « L’Aventure occidentale de l’homme » from Denis Rougemont 1972
Illustration for Marcel Pagnol, Club de l’honnête homme 1977
Illustration for Albert Camus Sauret edition 1978
Decoration of sets of table linen achieved by Goebel Manufacturer Germany 1982
Personalized sets of table linen for l’Auberge de L’ill for Mrs Paul and Jean-Pierre Haeberlin Illhauesem 1982
Interior decoration for the 747 Boeing Air France in 1982
Illustration of the book « Cuisine Prestigieuse » Plaisirs de la table
Receipe book by the 12 most famous french chefs gathered by Roger Mühl and Mr Willkberger in 1982

Work of art achieved in iron work
The lion of Mittlelwihr, The Christ with the children in Ostheim.

Different schools of Mulhouse.

Stained Glass
Illhauesem Temple.
Illkirch Graffenstaden Temple.
Notre-Dame de Clarté in Salernes (Var) 1997.

Special orders
Town Hall of Delle (Belfort) 1988.
Hotel of Lassay, Paris 2001.

Main personal exhibitions
David Findlay Gallery, Paris, New York 1961, 1963, 1966, 1976, 1978, 1982,1984,1986,1988,1991,1993,1995,1998,2002,2004,2008.
Galleries de Paris 1960,1961,1962,1966.
L’Athénée museum, Geneva, 1962, 1964.
Tooth Gallery, London 1962,1966
Dom Gallery-Cologne 1963
Valentlen, Stuttgart 1963.
Gallery Pacitti, Paris 1967,1971,1973,1975,1977,1979,1983,1985,1992
Gallery Gian Ferrari, Milan 1958
Morgan Knott Gallery Dallas 1970
Alsacien Art Gallery, Mulhouse 1971
Museum of l’Impression, Mulhouse 1971
Gallery Mozart, Metz 1974
Gallery Robert Schmitt, Paris 1975-1981
Dubins Gallery, Los Angeles 1978
Gallery Dijian, Chambéry 1982
Galerie Pierre Marchand,Belfort1982,1987,1988,1994,1999,2002.
Gallery Grossmann,Suisse1983,1984,1989,1994,1996,1999,2001,2005.
Galerie 17, Mme Iulse Zielke, Neumünster-1983.
Galerie Art Sanjiyo Tokyo Osaka Kyoto 1987,1990,1992.
Restaurant Tore Wretman (1916–2003) Stockholm-1975. Exhibition of the food trade fair.
Bouquinerie de l’Institut/Galerie de la Bouquinerie de l’Institut 1986,1998,2000,2003,2007.
Belfort Rétrospective à la «Tour 41» -1988.

Arsenal de Metz-
Présentation of the woven tapestries by Tisca, Moroges -1993.

Group exhibitions
School of Paris, Gallery Charpentier, Paris 1962
Alsacien Art Gallery, Mulhouse 1962
Shapes and colours, Gallery Charpentier Paris 1964
Young and famous of today, Museum of Art Moderne at the city of Paris 1954
Gallery Kasikawa, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Japon 1968,1987.
Museum of Athénée, Geneva 1962, 1964
Exhibition of contempory painters witness of their time Paris 1972
New vision, Lithography Paris 1972 « A century of lithography creation in France at Mourlot’s workshop with Buffet, Brasilier, Cathelin, Jansem, Manessier, Mühl, Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Braque. Travelling exhibition in the States and in Europe 1982.

Presentation of the work of Roger Mühl’s work
Acquisition and donation to the Museum of Strasbourg 1972
Museum of André Malraux at Le Havre since march 26th 2009 donation Hélène SENN-FOULDS.Collection Edouard SENN
Church stained-glass windon at Illkirch Graffenstaden
Church stained-glass windown at Notre-Dame de Clarté in Salernes (Var)
Town Hall of Delle (Belfort) –
A painting at the Hôtel de Lassay in Paris
Painting of the Town Hall of Delle (Belfort)

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