Huguette Arthur Bertrand (1922-2005)

IMG_9072Huguette Arthur Bertrand (1922-2005). No.66, 1955. Oil on canvas, 32 x 39 inches. Signed lower left and en verso. Excellent condition with no restoration.



Huguette Arthur Bertrand , born in 1922 in Écouen and died in 2005 at Paris , is a non-figurative painter of the French Postwar, linked to lyrical abstraction .

A rare woman painter of the Lyrical Abstraction of Postwar Europe, Huguette Arthur Bertrand was active in the Parisian art scene, alongside  Pierre Soulagesand, Hans Hartung , Zao Wou-kiChu Teh-Chun  and others.

Bertrand became famous very early among the first representatives of the French abstract art after the war, designated under the name of the young and the new school of Paris .

Born in 1922 and after a childhood spent in the region of Saint-Etienne in contact with the textile tradition, she moved to Paris immediately after the war, became friends with artists gravitating around the gallery Denise René.

She participated in group “Les Mains éblouies” exhibition at the Maeght Gallery in 1949-1950 and gained her first solo exhibitions at the gallery Niepce in 1951 and the Arnaud Gallery from 1953 to 1959. Price Fénéon in 1955, she exhibited the following year in New York (Meltzer gallery) to Copenhagen (Birch gallery) and then in England, Belgium, Germany and Japan.

In 1956 she participated in the exhibition The Adventure of abstract art made ​​by Michel Ragon .

“Neither geometrics, or abstract landscape. A beautiful lyrical abstraction that rises in the fifties and never ceased to swell its waters (…); strong belief that no shake mode “ , writesMichel Ragon in the catalog of a recent exhibition of the painter (Galarté gallery, Paris, 1987).

Huguette Arthur Bertrand is also the author of numerous  tapestries made in Aubusson, a form of loyalty to his parentage and origins (Gallery La Demeure, Paris, 1975).

Works of Huguette Arthur Bertrand are collected worldwide, in major international museums including the  Pompidou Centre  in Paris, the  Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec , the  Walker Art Center in Minneapolis , as well as in private collections and the renowned foundations such  Gandur Foundation for Art in Geneva.

In March 2012, the Diane de Polignac Gallery in Paris presented a monographic stand the artist Huguette Arthur Bertrand at the Pavilion of Art and Design, PAD Tuileries. Diane de Polignac Gallery also published a monographic catalog on the artist.

Major exhibitions:

The Adventure of Abstract Art by Michel Ragon, Arnaud Gallery, Paris and Angers

Personal exhibition, Palace of Fine Arts, Brussels, 1957

50 years of collage,  solo exhibition, Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, 1964

The lyrical Envolée, 1945-1956 Paris , Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, 26/04 / 2006-6 / 08/ 2006

Topics of abstraction, non-figurative painting of the Second School of Paris (1946-1962) Gandur Foundation for Art, Musée Rath, Geneva, 06/05 / 2011-14 / 08/ 2011

Cathedral star, Huguette Arthur Bertrand, Gabriel Dauchot , Gastaud Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand, November 2012