Juan Bonafe (1901-1969)


Juan Bonafe (Peruvian, 1901-1969). Montauban, 1942. Oil on paper mounted to illustration board. Measures 12.5 x 16 inches; 18.5 x 22.5 inches in a vintage frame of the period. Signed, titled and dated along lower margin. Outstanding, clean condition with neither damage nor conservation.

Depicted is a view of Montauban, France. The tree and church tower create a vertical axis with the architectural skyline. The infused light and shadows of green and violet recall the work of such artists as Vuillard and Bonnard.

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Juan Bonafe was born on May 21, 1901. His father, whose name was the same, was a Murcian actor.
He moved to Madrid when he was 7 and thereafter performs numerous visits to the house his family had in La Alberca.

In 1917 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. There he is taught by Julio Romero de Torres, who had a penchant for Bonafé and Sorolla. Contact fellow of the Academy as Ramón Gaya and Eduardo Vicente.
From his 20s onward, Bonafe associates with writers of the Generation of ’27, Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillen, Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Cernuda, and other contemporary writers like Juan Ramon Jimenez.
In addition to his association with Murcia regional artists: Pedro Flores, Ramón Gaya, Luis Garay and Joaquín, also collaborates with the magazine Verse and Prose.
In 1927 he exhibited his work in the 1st Surrealist Exhibition held in Madrid.
In 1931 Ambulante created for the Museum of the Educational Missions, along with Gaya and Eduardo Vicente, copies of the most important paintings of Spanish painting that sought to reach all the peoples of Spain.

Bonafé – Bonafé and Ramon Gaya in La Alberca

Exhibitions abroad
In 1934-35 he made a collective exhibition in Berlin and Copenhagen with the Society of Iberian Artists.
In 1937 among the representatives of the Spain Pavilion at the Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Paris. Shortly after he was appointed President of the National Trade Union Association of Fine Arts.
After the Civil War was forced into exile in France because of its active relations with politics. Taught in Bordeaux and Toulouse drawing performs various exhibitions.
Return to Spain
In 1948 he returned to Spain and fixed two years later, his residence in the house that had belonged to his grandfather in La Alberca. During his stay in Murcia maintains a very close relationship with Ramon Gaya. Big fan of reading Balzac and Montaigne, in 1960 received the Award Villacís Council of Murcia with the work ‘El Valle’.
He died in Palmas in 1969.

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