Jose Maria de Labra (1925-1994)


Jose Maria de Labra (1925-1994). Tension Formal, 1960. Oil with string collage on canvas, signed ‘Labra’ lower right. 35.25  x 51.25 inches, 36 x 52.25 inches framed. Professionally repair tear in canvas at center.  Provenance: Morris and Adele Bergreen Family Collection.

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Trained at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid  (1945-1958). During his last year he was part of Parpalló Group .   He participated with him, the Team 57 , Manuel Calvo and Team Córdoba   as a guest artist at the first joint exhibition of Spanish Normative Art (1960);     later he exposed as a member of Parpalló Group in the last two samples of the group,  in which he did not feel fully integrated to get away from normativism.  His artistic beginnings trended figurative of “modern, schematic and expressive line” and religious subjects.   However, towards the middle of the 1950s evolved towards geometric abstraction  and constructivism ,   being one of the first Spanish artists who worked in this field with the equipment 57.   with the new orientation, experimentation through painting and sculpture, like many peers him artists, conducted a search for new concepts of space and movement based on the mix of materials, coming in the years 1970 to design and interior design.  The essence of geometry in Labra rescued some extent, universal ideas of beauty, as far as truth.  

In 1953 Lino Labra exhibited at the Gallery La Coruna  and in 1955 at the Ateneo de Madrid .   A year later, he won the Francesco Perotti Prize for the best work of religious theme of the XXVIII Venice Biennale ,   the gold medal at the International Biennial of Sacred Art of Salzburg ,  the Uruguay Award at the Third Hispano – American Biennial in Barcelona   or the Grand Prize at the III International Festival of Cagnes-Sur-Mer . His work was exhibited in prominent galleries in his country and around the world, such as Berlin , Buenos Aires , Copenhagen , New York or Tokyo .  and his work can be seen in the Afundación Collection ,  in the Museum Victor Balaguer Library or the Museum of Abstract Art of Cuenca 

In 1989 Martin Alia published his doctoral thesis on analysis and assessment of the work of José María de Labra. During 2013 the Oteiza Museum dedicated the exhibition Laboratory ways: José María de Labra  and the Madrid gallery José de la Mano organized a selection of models.   The same year of his death, Professor José Manuel García Iglesias published the De Labra book, which was edited by the Board of Galicia .