Morris Shulman (1912-1978)

Version 2

Morris Shulman (1912-1978). Untitled, 1959. Oil on masonite panel, 23.75 x 32 inches. Excellent condition with very minor paint loss in upper left and lower left corners. Signed and dated lower right. Unframed. 



Birth place: Savannah, GA

Addresses: NYC

Profession: Painter, teacher

Studied: NAD, 1931-34; ASL, 1946-47; Siqueros Fresco Workshop, NYC, 1935-36; Hans Hofmann School Art, NYC, 1948-49; New School Soc. Research, 1949-50

Exhibited: New York Realists,” five-man shows, ACA Gal., NYC, 1938, 1939, 1941; WFNY, 1939; “Directions in American Painting,” Carnegie Inst., 1941; AIC, 1941; “An American Group,” Assoc. Am. Artists Gals, NYC, 1941; Contemporary Am. Painting, VMFA, 1942; Exhib. of Contemporary Art, MMA, 1942; Annual Watercolor and Print Exhibs., PAFA Ann., 1947-49, 1954; Artists Gal., NY, 1948 (solo); Audubon Arts Ann., Nat. Acad. Gals., NYC, 1948, 1950; “Am. Artists for Israel,” Jewish Mus., 1950; Watercolor Exhibs., BM, 1950-61 (first watercolor prize, 1950); Frank K. M. Rehn Gal., NYC, 1951-54 (solos); Carnegie Inst. Int., 1952; Duveen-Graham Gal., NYC, 1956 (solo); Springfield Mus., 1957 (purchase prize); Nat. Soc. Painters in Casein, 1958 (hon. men.), 1960 (Gramercy Prize); “Experiences in Art,” Hirschl & Adler, NYC, 1959; Staten Island Mus., 1962 (hon. men.); Maine Coast Artists, Rockport, ME, 1963 (solo); “New Images Exhib.,” Richard Feigan Gal., NYC, 1964; “Painting in Maine,” Colby College, 1964; Westbeth Gal., NY, 1973 (solo); Erpf Catskill Cultural Center, Arkville, NY, 1975 (solo); “NYC WPA Art” at Parsons School Design, 1977″

Work: NMAA; MMA; Carnegie Inst.; BM; Jewish Mus., NYC; Springfield (MA) Mus.; Rose Art Mus., Brandeis Univ., Waltham, MA; Bates College, Lewiston, ME; Edwin Ulrich Mus. Art, Wichita, KS; St. Mary’s (MD) College; Vassar College Collection; Stamford (CT) Mus.; Bezalel Mus., Tel Aviv.

Comments: WPA artist: fresco asst., Bellevue Hosp., NYC, 1936-37. Teaching positions: Brooklyn Mus. School, 1950-59; School Visual Art, NYC, 1961-78; teacher, Phila. College of Art, 1960-76; Skowhegan Art School, ME, 1965-66; New School for Soc. Research, NYC, 1975-76; CUA School, 1977.