Bruno Conte (b.1939)

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Bruno Conte (b.1939). Frammenti di Natura, 1958. String and mix media on wood panels, each measures 8 x 8 5/8. Frame box measures 15.5 x 37.25 inches. Painting are in excellent condition. They have a very deliberate 3-D sculptural quality. Wood box is masterfully constructed with top edge that slides out so that plexiglass can be added or removed. Plexi sheet is included with piece for this purpose. Each panel is signed and dated 1958 lower right. Original labels affixed en verso. Provenance: collection of Neil Pines, Park Ave. New York City.



Bruno Conte
Born in Rome in 1939. He began his activity in figurative field with surreal abstract graphic works.Exhibits at the VII and VIII Quadriennial of Rome, 1955 and 1960. In 1956 at the XXVIII Biennale of Venice. It is in connection with the Obelisco Gallery of Rome that presents it in exhibitions in the United States. Between 1959 and 1961, he worked on poetic texts and developed his parallel literary activity.In the early 1960s the paintings acquired material consistency. Subsequently, there is an objective choice that is distinguished over time in formal concepts that define emerging image – event. An almost quasi-vegetarian writing is suggested in its wooden books, writing that tends to go off in the almost pages of the most recent, essential metaphysics, “paginaries” on the wall.
In the 70s he is interested in his work Arturo Schwarz. He has contacts with Fausto Melotti who presents in 1982 the exhibition Equilibrio , Galleria Il Segno, Rome.

Experimental Art , Civic Museum of Turin, 1967; Autoritratti del ‘900 Uffizi Gallery, Florence, 1983; XLII Venice Biennale, 1986; The artist and the book MoMA, New York 1992; Work in progress , Macro, Rome, 1999; 20th Century Artists , Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome, 2003; XIV Quadriennial of Rome and Expo of Aichi, 2005; The book as a work of art , National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome 2006.

Gallery Number, Florence, 1961; New Vision, London, 1965; Internationale Kunstmesse , Schwarz Gallery, Basel, 1973; Studio Cavalieri, Bologna, 1977; Blue Gallery, Milan, 1978; Palazzo Diamanti, Ferrara, 1987; Palazzo Ducale, Urbino, 1992; Galleria Niccoli, Parma, 1995; Gallery Kaze, Osaka, 2000;Civic Gallery of Termoli, 2004; Peccolo Gallery, Livorno and Musma, Matera, 2007; Gallery of Art Search, Rome, 2008.
Mart, Rovereto – Bruno Conte “The cards, the books” -9 FEBRUARY 2013/5 MAY 2013