Zvi Mairovich (1911-1974)


Zvi Mairovich (1911-1974). Oil on canvas measures 9 5/8 x 13 inches; 13 5/8 x 17 inches framed. Signed upper right. Excellent condition with no damage or conservation.



Mairovich (1911-1974) was one of the most important Israeli abstract painters. Born in Poland, he moved to Berlin in 1929, studying painting with Karl Hoffer. In 1934 he immigrated to Haifa, Israel.

Mairovich painted landscape’s and still lifes which gradually transitioned to abstracts. By the late 50’s, he produced dramatic gouache abstracts in large format. Mairovich’s oils mainly focused on abstract landscapes, with stormy contrasts between darkness and flashes of light, verging upon the metaphysical.

He was one of the founders of the the New Horizons group of Israeli artists along with Arie Aroch, Zaritsky and Steimatsky, who sought to free Israelil painting f rom its concentration on Expressionism and Jewish themes. Winner of the Dizengoff prize of 1942, 1951 and 1961, Mairovich exhibited in important museums in Israel and in galleries all over the world.