Helene McKinsey Herzbrun (1922-1984)

IMG_2728Helene McKinsey Herzbrun (1922-1984). Glacial Ascent, 1972. Oil on canvas measures 4o x 50 inches. Simple wood frame is original. Signed lower margin. Excellent condition.




Helene McKinsey Herzbrun  received a BA in English from the University of Chicago; she also studied painting at Art Institute. In 1949 she moved to Washington, where she continued her painting education, working with Robert Gates and Jack Tworkov at American University. In 1951 and 1952, she was included in the Corcoran’s Area Annuals, and by 1953 hired as the manager of Watkins Gallery at American University: a position she held until 1958 when she became an instructor in the department. A founding member of the Jefferson Place Gallery, she is associated with the first generation of Washington Color School painters. Herzbrun also exhibited in New York at the Stable Gallery (1958), and Poindexter Gallery (1960), as well as a solo exhibition at the Corcoran in 1959.

Solo Exhibitions
1958—Recent Paintings, Sept. 23—Oct. 11
1959—July 1—Sept. 20, Corcoran Gallery of Art
1960—May 3–30, Poindexter Gallery, NY
1961—April 25—May 20
1963—March 5—22
1964—Recent Paintings, Oct. 27—Nov. 14
1966—Oct. 3—22
1970—April 14—May 2
1974—Monotypes, Feb 26—March 23

Group Exhibitions
1957—First Group Show, Oct. 10—Nov. 9
1957—Christmas Show, Dec. 9—Jan4, 1958
1958—The Group +2, May 20—June 17
1958—12 Washington Artists, University of Kentucky, Oct. 19—Nov. 16
1958—Christmas Show, Nov. 25—Dec. 31
1959—Member’s Show, April 21—May 2
1959—Approaches to Contemporary Painting, Sept. 22—Oct. 10
1959—Christmas Show, Dec. 15—Jan. 2
1960—End of Year Review, May 17—June 11
1960—Art from America’s Cities, Sept 20—Oct. 15
1960—Christmas Show, Dec. 13—Jan 7, 1961
1961—Winter ’61, Twentieth Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA, Jan 9—Feb. 17
1961—Review and Preview, May 22—June 4
1961—Paper Show, Dec. 5—Jan. 5, 1962
1962—Small Paintings and Sculpture, Jan. 7–27
1962—Group Show, Oct. 2—20
1965—Grand Opening, Jan. 25—Feb. 13
1967—Group Show, Jan. 2—21
1968—Jefferson Place Ten Years, July 16–Aug. 7