Larry Zox ( 1937-2006)

IMG_3090Larry Zox ( 1937-2006). Moby Grey, 1981. Acrylic on canvas. 88 x 56 inches. Hokin Gallery label affixed en verso. Signed twice en verso with 3 Zox studio stamp impressions in ink.

Provenance: Hokin Gallery Inc., Florida Private Collection, New Jersey

Exhibitions: “Larry Zox”, Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, New York, October 5 – 30, 1982



A native of Des Moines (born 1936) now living in New York, Larry Zox is an abstract artist who utilizes color and space in a unique way. He utilizes color combinations with references to nature, music, or the city that surrounds him. But often there is a black section that is placed in the work for the sake of the painting’s aesthetic alone. The work ranges from the harmonious to the unexpected. All the work is done with a tremendous amount of technical control. Zox received his education including the study of Oriental Art History at Oklahoma University, Norman, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa and with German artist George Grosz at the Des Moines Art Center. He has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and has received grants from the National Council of the Arts and the Ester and Adolph Gottlieb Foundation. He has been an Artist-in Residence at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Dartmouth College, and Yale University. Zox moved to Minimalist acrylics in the 1960s, featuring geometric shapes such as chevrons, diamonds and triangles. In the early 1970s, large-scale color fields were centralized with bands of color along the sides, sometimes as wide as the central color, moving diagonally or vertically downward, singly or in groups. During the next several years, colors were applied in looping lines with oil sticks and brushes, and larger areas were sometimes poured on and spread into wet grounds. Later, narrow panels such as “Catawba” emphasize color changes in the ground using many shades of one color, often muted or darkened with grey, in thick, steady brushstrokes. Zox’s teaching positions include: artist-in-residence, Juniata College, 1964; guest critic, Cornell University, 1967; artist-in-residence, University North Carolina, Greensboro, 1967; art instructor, School Visual Arts, 1967-; art instructor, Dartmouth College, winter 1969. Zox was awarded a fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1967; a grant by the National Council for the Arts, 1969; and a grant from the Adolph Gottlieb Foundation, 1985. He exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art Annual and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Zox’s one-person exhibitions include: 1994 – C.S. Shulte Gallery, Millburn, New Jersey 1993 – The Marsh Gallery, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia 1992 – Robert Stein Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri 1991 – Gallery One, Toronto, Canada 1991 – Percival Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa 1990-91 – Images Gallery, Toledo, Ohio 1990 – Rubiner Gallery, West Bloomfield, Michigan 1989 – Percival Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa 1987 – Percival Gallery, Des Moines, Iowa 1986 – Images Gallery, Toledo, Ohio 1985 – Rubiner Gallery, West Bloomfield, Michigan 1982 – Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, New York, New York 1981 – Hokin Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida 1981 – Meredith Long & Co., Houston, Texas 1981 – Hokin Gallery, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 1979 – Allen Rubiner Gallery, Royal Oak, Michigan 1978 – Medici-Berenson Gallery, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 1975-76 – Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York, New York 1975 – Daniel Templeton Gallery, Paris, France 1974 – Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa 1974 – Janie C. Lee Gallery, Dallas, Texas 1973 – Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York 1973 – Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York, New York 1971 – Akron Art Institute, Akron, Ohio 1970 – Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire 1969 – American Gallery, New York, New York 1968-71 – Komblee Gallery, New York, New York 1968 – Galerie Ricke, Cologne, Germany 1968 – Colgate University, Hamilton, New York 1967-69 – J.L. Hudson Gallery, Detroit, Michigan 1964-66 – Komblee Gallery, New York, New York 1963-66 – American Gallery, New York, New York